Smart Contract Risk Counterparty Risk Market Risk Rubric Risk
Days Transactions Holders Permissions Market Cap Average Daily Volume 3M Normalized Volatility
67 3518611 293711 Permissionless $1,574,670,887.00 $449,859,150.00 0.1098
Maturity Centralization Trust Diversified Average Market Cap Liquidity Volatility Diversified Average B
B+ B+ B+ B+ A- B- C- B-

Historical Volatility


Historical Pricing


** This number is an automated recommendation based on volatility, trade slippage, and liquidity, and may change as those values change. Higher collateral to debt suggestions may be mitigated by more infrequent ceiling raises and debt caps. This number is only a suggestion and may not reflect the actual percentage used in MAI vaults.

NOTE: Risk grading based on Aave's risk methodology. For more information, see the Aave documentation page.